Day one of my new blog and an introduction to a new buddy!

Finally I sit here on a glorious Friday morning with the sun shining as I write my first entry of my new blog.

A lot has happened this past few years, changes both good and bad.  I’ve had a great deal of loss but also a greater amount of gain on a spiritual level.  I’m grateful for where I’ve been, who I’ve met and where I’m going.  I also know where I don’t want to be or who I don’t want to be like or associate with.

I’m surrounding my being with love, nothing but it.  Peace and Love are the answer for me.

So I’ve gotten an abundance of emails asking if I’ll be blogging again, if you’re reading this then you know the answer was yes! The timing had to be right and today was the day that I write a little bit about what’s new at the Creek house and in my life.

Many of you know that I’ve been working on a special project that’s consumed me.  My little nephew Bodhi was recenlty diagnosed with a rare form of glandular cancer.  He’s a pre teen and has his life ahead of him, he’s a fighter and we’re supporting him all the way to the top!  I’ve been making and selling leather bracelets with the proceeds going to Bodhi’s needs.  I’m amazed at the beautiful people in this world that have played a big part in helping Bodhi, Thank you from my entire big family.  We so much appreciate you and your love.

I’ve also pulled out of a couple of stores, I just can’t keep up with the demands and for now this is best for me and for my creative muse.  I’ve been creating all sorts of things that make me smile and make others smile and this is a good source of therapy for me to  step away from the jewelry scene an hour a day or an entire day during the week.  Everyone needs a break from what they’re doing.  It’s been good for me to do this and get my hands into other mediums.

The latest crafts are here, soon to be sold locally.  Vintage inspired flower pots, small to large (large not shown).  In addition to these fun pots are candle holders of immitation mercury glass, they’re so beautiful with the candles lit!

The newest arrival to the Creek house and to my life,  with a little reservation and close to tears, I’m sharing my new little friend.  Her name is Lilybug.  John gifted me with this funny little terror that I’m liking a lot but ask myself “Why did I do this now”???? She’s hindering my time needed in the shop with her curiosity and determination to eat every single thing that passes her by as she runs a muck.  She’ll never fill the hole of Simes but she’s that little shadow of hope.  I can’t believe I actually own a weenie dog!  I’m a big dog girl, 100% big dog. Why a weenie dog?  Maybe I felt that by having her, I wouldn’t feel guilty and bring home another Simes.   Lily’s events will be mentioned in many posts, I’m certain of it!

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Until my next posting….

“Have a beautiful day”



6 thoughts on “Day one of my new blog and an introduction to a new buddy!

  1. Thank you Mona! You’re probably the only person that knows I’m here 😉 It’s a refreshing place, I can’t wait until I figure it out and play with the page. Thank you for always leaving wonderful words, you’re a rare gem and I hope you know it! Much love*Cindy

  2. Thank you Traci, It’s going to be pleasant, of course it’s not going to be just jewelry, it’s not to market myself but to share the things I find interestingly beautiful and tasty! Lilybug is fun but the puppy training is challenging!

    I’ll update pictures weekly on the happenings of the creek :o)

  3. As the tears roll from my eyes and can barely see what I’m typing…I want you to know Cindy, I am an admirer of your work. I own a few creek pieces purchased thru etsy…my dear husband purchase a couple of earings for me for our 7th anniversary (copper). I just love them! I wish you much success and look forward to reading more.. as for lilybug..what a sweet face!

    • Oh goodness! No tears, you’re going to make me tear up! Thank you so much for your words, it means a lot to me Denise. It’s been a long road for me, a new beginning while cherishing my last chapter of life that I so much loved and still do.

      Yes, we have a new Lilybug! She’s a pistol and seems to think she needs me and challenges my attention 100% of the day which makes working in the studio difficult. I have to keep it happy though, a lot of breaks in the day just so she gets that puppy energy out.

      I love hearing about my jewelry and who’s wearing it, every single piece comes from my heart. I hop you can feel it? Thank you for writing and sharing sweet words Denise!

      Love to you,

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