A spring seduction

I cannot tell a lie, I’m in love with spring and with it the color, smells and temperatures that come with her.  I’m seduced by the aroma of flowers, the soft breeze through the newly budded trees and the wildbirds singing a happy song.

The florals I’m attracted to with their rustic imperfect rugged beauty can be nothing less than my own personal Jezebel.  The annual spring seduction has captured my inner soul, I’ve found a place that truly brings joy to all that surrounds me.



Along with the seducing of springtime, I’m drawn to old tea stained fabrics, the pleasures of creating something from a moments passing, I ponder the many uses of these fine springtime trinkets!

Pillow cases, hand bags, framed art???? The possibilities are endless!



And finally, something from the creek … Enjoy!




4 thoughts on “A spring seduction

  1. I adore your present from the creek…and those fabrics…and that gorgeous necklace…it is really spring seduction around you. Sending you love.

    • Thank you Mona, it’s a whirlwind! So many projects, so much energy and it’s all good! For the fabrics, I’ve decided to make muslin slip nighties, I’m putting these images on the inside back of the garments. Fun isn’t it? My season is here!!!!

      Sending Love back! ;o)

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