The first of May – Another beautiful day in Paradise


As the last day of April winds down, our new little creek mascot plays in the fresh daisy blooms that so much compliment her chestnut hair.

Little Lilybug is learning fast that “Mom’s the boss” and I need to work, she sits or sleeps quietly in her crate on the top of my work bench and puts up with my singing until it’s time for her hourly break from the box.

Goodness, the allergies are here in but are worth the suffering.  The beauty of spring, the visually adorned yard and the color that’s about to pop is comforting to my soul which I shall savor every single opening of each bud, the sounds of the birds and the bees and the fresh clear northern California sunshine.

As I live in the month of May, I dream of new jewelry designs and along the way, I hope to capture the beauty that each day brings…







4 thoughts on “The first of May – Another beautiful day in Paradise

  1. ‘Imagine a life without wishes’- that touched my heart! You capture beauty of the moments exquisitely. I am so happy you have such a gorgeously adorned desk companion! xx

    • Smiles when I read your words, nothing but smiles Mona. When the word “Grace” was put into the dictionary, it should have had “Mona” right next to it. You are nothing but Grace & Love.

      Lily is a handful, she’s making life difficult but it makes me stop and think that “This is my life right now, I should make the best of it” I could be fighting for my life and wishing I was chasing a puppy like Lil. That just sums up my thoughts. Enjoying the company and spoiling the little girl.

      Love you!

  2. Love the photo’s …and Lilybug looks so cute. We have a one and half year old Golden Retriever and he is usually underfoot or on my lap :o)

    • A golden retriever on the lap sounds fun! :o)

      Lilybug came to us one year after my best friend “Simes” left us. It’s been a hard year for me and getting used to him not being by my side 24/7 but now this wee little one Lilybug is taking up my time and at 9 weeks old she thinks she’s a big dog and fierce!

      Thank you so much for sharing about your buddy Denise!

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