I think I was born to nest

As I sit sipping my coffee with laptop and Lily by my side as the morning sun rises from the East, I ponder over this  glorious day.

*I think I’ll spend the day in the garden

It’s Mother’s Day weekend and so much is going on yet I yearn to stay home and nest, the thing I know I was born to do.  I spent last evening ripping out the old carpet from my office, it was long over due for some cheer & brightness.

As I do a 180 glancing around the yard, I see so many things I want to do,  Paint, plant more flowers or build something for the yard.  I’m negative in daylight hours, I wish there were more.


We built three raised beds for a new garden this year.  Three different gardens and now the job is deciding what to plant and which area.  Our first garden area is definitely Tomatoes and artichokes, the artis’ are almost established but only three plants, not enough for our consumption.  The tomato plants are still small, we started from seed this year, I hope they do well.

The new garden area is going to be the big one, I’m planting everthing I can possibly plant and starting with Sunflowers and green beans, the easiest and hardiest by far.  I don’t think we’re done with rains yet, well at least history has proven so.  The mint seems to be doing well, very well.  I made Mint simple syrup over the weekend for Iced tea, a nice refreshing libation indeed.


The 3rd garden area will most likely be for Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Pumpkins and Cucumbers, all of the vining foods.  Everything is safe from my pesky deer friends who seem to eat the most delicate leaves of all.  They haven’t gotten to the roses yet, I’ll keep spraying liquid fence thoughout the summer months, it seems to work for the most part.


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