June showers

Yay…I don’t have to water today!

We were blessed with late spring rainshowers, I love days like this.  Its like life sorta stops for a moment and runs for cover, this is when I feel like I’ve taken charge and can dance in the rain all alone.   Solitude is something I believe everyone needs once in a while, a time for thought and repair.

Seeking a new direction, more time, surrounding myself around beautiful souls and learning to breathe while I’m transitioning into a butterfly of some sort.  It’s the cocoon stage… please bare with me!

Sending an abundance of love my ladies,


Bringing the clothesline out soon

Nice little quad wrapped leather embellished with a golden bronze dragonfly.


In the background* The tool shed, His shop, My shop  ;o)

A new listing on Etsy, beautiful chunky sterling silver & turquoise necklace


and lastly…. something my handmade by my cousin Catrina, genuine Lakota Moccasins.

Rusting tin once again


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