Lost and found

A late spring cleaning turned out to be a little treasure hunt.  We’re in the midst of moving my beading workbench into my office in the house, I found so many things that most likely fell under the cabinet or I just put it aside and forgot about it.  I love days like this, they make me smile.

My mood is quiet today, it shows.


A few of the found pieces were listed on Etsy yesterday.


I made Lily a new tag for her collar, making more!


Been beading again, getting ready for the triple wrap bracelets and peyote and leather bracelets, it’s a project I’ll always love doing, it’s necessary.

Also found was a black heavily patinaed pair of sterling and jade earrings, I wonder how long ago I made them.  I don’t ever recall making them, I’m losing my mind and fast.



I don’t have much to say about the garden this week except the crickets ate 52 sunflower plants and a little of the greenbeans.  I’m on the warpath,  Relocated crickets, coming soon! Who would have ever thought that I would dislike them this much?  Devistation is what I’ve felt so no garden pictures this week.  Next week will be better, I’m sure.

The Wild oats earrings are probably my most favorite pair at present as well as the green beaded wrap!

Signing out with the chartreuse beaded wrap bracelet, more next week.



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