Some things are best when left unsaid SO….


Here ya go, pics of the garden, the Lil and a couple of new jewelry pieces.  Am I really supposed to be doing this? I mean making jewelry, is this my calling OR am I supposed to be doing something else?  I seem to be in a funny spot, This girl is over loaded and really disliking this feeling of pressure, but then there’s the thing I do outdoors every single day (that would be tending to the yard, a big one) and even wonder if I really enjoy doing that anymore… what the heck is wrong with me?

I’m not candy coating this crazy mind, life, dream… it is what it is and I’m slipping steadily, “Someone, can you please pop this cork and fast”?????

“She’s ready to blow”

I’ve moved into new office space, smaller and easier to find things than it was before, it’s cooler than the creek house and I’m certain will be warmer in the winter.  I’m happy here, it looks like everyone migrates to my new little cubby, *smiles.


A little display


 The new chair ( was supposed to go out in the yard ) hee hee


A vintage trash can, I love this thing… Seems I dig in it for lost things all the time.


Something special

*The Garden

If I were a true farmer, my family would most likely die from malnutrition.  If it weren’t for the acorns they would surely parish.  I managed to neglect the garden after I found the crickets munching on our future food.  I’m sticking to my guns though, No pesicides, ever!  Next year I come up with a new plan, maybe start the newbies in pots rather than sow the seeds straight into their new home.







* The Lil

Where can I start?  She’s a joy, a pain, feisty, a potty machine, a terror and adorable.  She’s never filling Simes place, he was a one of a kind friend and forever will leave a heavy place in my heart a giant hole rather.  Lil seems to play hard and sleep even harder.

The life of a pup

Can you say “Trouble”????

She’s getting snappy with me

Boy… It sure appears you have a rough life Lil!

*New jewelry

Custom orders are being re-thought as well as requests to re-make what I’ve made in the past.  Sure, I can make it again but can I make it in time???  No, I seem to have this luck of multiple requests at the same time and then make all sorts of promises that I can’t keep.  I’m sorry, I just have a lot of things transpiring at once.  One day soon I hope, I’ll get this shop in tip top shape and fire things off in the mail as soon as I get an order but while I’m working alone while holding the fort down, the song remains the same.


A new little handmade jewelry pouch

A long awaited custom order… Thank you M!

Better days ahead!


10 thoughts on “Some things are best when left unsaid SO….

    • I always love seeing your words Mona! Lil is definitely taking up time that I don’t have. I’m deficit with my hours, so so poor with time. I’m taking up a new profession, Juggling!

      Sending Love…. Cindy

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