Wild peas

Hello July!

The last of my most favorite months has arrived, the garden has been replanted and I’m seeing new growth each day.  The peas seem to be resilient to those pests that I so much love listening to during these summer nights.

Crickets don’t like my peas, hooray for me!

What did I do???? I planted an over abundance of green beans, peas, cucumbers and squash… let’s see how many I get to keep.  Out of the 50 something sunflowers, I have three.

Thank you Mister Cricket for sparing 3!

Inspired by my peas, they’re happy.  A little burned but they’re flowering just fine.  I’ve taken this crummy situation and wrapped into something that I found to be quite therapeutic during my late nights.  I’m opening up a new Etsy shop  www.wildpeas.etsy.com

It’s not open yet but will be soon. It’s going to be full of threaded things, things that make me smile and things I myself would wear and use.


My new Etsy shop is opened… www.wildpeas.etsy.com




6 thoughts on “Wild peas

  1. Hi Cindy,

    You are a fast gardener and you have hungry crickets. : )
    I love your new store name and I am sure I will love what will fill it.
    Happy July to you! xx

    • Mona, I just can’t seem to outsmart the little guys. I don’t want to kill them…. that would be a lifetime of bad luck!

      Wild peas might be a passing fancy but it’s making me smile for a bit = – )

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