Nature calls ~ The birds & the bee’s & the bears

Not a whole lot to say except the birds and bee’s and then here come the bears.  We seem to have a sanctuary here, not a surprise as this is a special place and the energy is strong.

Our property is nestled along side a natural spring fed creek that’s wall to wall blackberries.  We’re surrounded in Pine and Oak tree’s and gifted historic Native American Maidu grinding rocks in the earth of our back yard.  Acorn was abundant food for not only the native Americans who once touched the same earth that I do each day, it was also food for the squirrels and woodpeckers.

Quail live in the blackberry bushes, hundreds of them and I witness several cubbies of at least 20 each summer.  Today I had the honor of saving one of the babies, probably a couple of weeks old.  Something must have startled the little guy and it scurried into John’s shop hiding out in the sawdust.  John found it this morning barely alive and dehydrated.  He scooped the little guy up and asked me to do what I love to do, nurture nature.  (remember the squirrel story?).



I gave the baby quail water from a dropper I had from making natural tinctures, he drank and then sat there so weak.  I walked away for an hour or so returning only to find him scurry into the berry bushes like they usually do but without his cubby.  Eventually the newest cubby came to feed and I’m positively thinking and hoping that he found his family.   I’m confident he’s fine.

Then I glance around only to see the amazing flowers that I walk past each day as I head down to the creek house.  I’m blessed to have so much beauty around me.






The garden is holding its own, Green beans, Peas, Blackberry’s and Blueberries… I love this time of year.





And finally a new bear in the yard.  He’s not the usual bear, he’s a new fat little teen bear that’s discovered the garbage.  There’s a wildlife trail that runs through our lower property by the creek and right through the blackberry bushes, I’m wondering what’s to pop out next!  Most likely a lion, something I truly dread seeing.

(We have game camera’s on our tree’s just for this reason)Image

A little sterling flower dismantled from a necklace that’s currently under construction and soon to be listed on Etsy.


More to come in a week or so, I’m off to be inspired!


2 thoughts on “Nature calls ~ The birds & the bee’s & the bears

    • Hi Mona! Sitting here in camp, we actually have a signal here!!! I’ll have pictures to share =0).

      Tom Cruise is here along with Morgan Freeman filming a new movie that will be coming out next April called Oblivion, something about the end of the world or something. This place is far from it! Security everywhere and our outings are limited due to this activity.

      More next week!

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