Journey on ~ The eastern Sierra’s

A soul filled journey to the high country in June Lake Loop, Silver Lake to be exact, the place that will forever be in my heart.  Words or pictures can’t reveal the beauty this place holds, you have to be there and experience it on your own.  It’s such an awesome place that Hollywood chose it to be in their new movie “Oblivion” starring Tom Cruise & Morgan Freeman.  They were there in the backdrop of my palette for the duration of my journey.  A little strange having my secret place invaded by the stars of Hollywood but in admittance, it was a little exciting to see the helicopter loaded with film dive overhead filming that beautiful lake capturing the first morning’s glass and marshy green glades with Carson peak in the background.

Hiking up the mountain in the Ansel Adam’s wilderness, we met up with several security guards and Park rangers who were warding off the paparazzi.  Little did they know “I” was a little Pap and ventured off to capture Tom Cruises cabin on the pond.  It wasn’t a close up but it was enough to get a glimpse of what’s to come.

Of course I brought work with me, I slowly filled orders between adventures, modified pieces while filling up the soul.  I love that place and will return once again in October to see the last dance of that Aspen that I so love while in their golden state.

Inyo ~ High Country turquoise



The “Kanook” sak

Dog poo bag… a must have!  Has a little pocket for your bio bags.

coming soon to

The days were filled with fishing, hiking, kayaking, bike riding and a little respite.  I’m full and have filled my cup once again

* Smiles

Silver Lake

Lily’s chariot

My beloved Aspen tree’s

Lily’s first Kayak ride, she did great and loved her new life jacket

A park ranger looking for Paparazzi

A day hike up the Ansel Adams wilderness trail at Silver Lake, Lily was exhausted so guess who carried her?

John enjoying the waters… Tom Cruise was filming at that moment directly where John was headed.  See the security guy on that little mound of trees? Look for the white spot on the hill.

Sorry about the name on the pic, I have to protect it  = – )  I hiked a long way to get this image! Tom’s cabin is under the e & n on Christensen. There’s a pond in front of his cabin, when you see the movie you’ll at least have an idea of the country! The brown thing on the rocks is the security box, two people stood watch while filming.

Wildness on the Ansel Adams trail

Ducks left a gift that will be added to the forbidden feather collection

Silver Lake boat house, I collect the shingles every year that blew off during the high winds.  They’re historic.

Danielle paddle boarding with “Lola”

A trout in the pond

My brothers Memorial rock, his ashes were tossed off of the mountain which is about 8,000 feet up. It’s always a special hike when our family hikes up and quietly remember his presence.

This special resort has been a ritual for our family for over 60 years. My Grandfather and his fellow City of Anaheim fishermen buddies found this place 60-70 years ago.

 Thank you Pappy for showing your Grandchildren the beauty of the Eastern Sierra’s that we all so much love and appreciate!

Missing my little brother endlessly

Morning loves with the little Lil, I think I’m falling in love with her!

She’s becoming my little shadow that I seem to trip over quite often.

An afternoon walk along the lake

Random fishermen, I’m taken in by other people.  They always make pictures fun to take.

This little guy climbed up my spokes just to try and get the little bit of food left behind from Lily’s bike rides.

He didn’t get any!

At the beginning of the trail, this is great cardio… really!

Another random person I found interesting.  A Grandfather and his Grandson fishing at Grant Lake in the evening.

I loved his pipe.

“Lola” we wore her out

“Lily” the calm after her storm.  Right before this picture she was tearing it up! She even lost her first tooth which I found in the sand.

Danielle just arrived to Silver Lake, I was telling her about the Coyote that she just missed as she pulled up.  He ran out behind her car, close call…. very close.

The horses headed up to Agnew or Gem Lakes, probably further.

Ansel Adams Wilderness

Random folks fishing


A sticker posted on the side of a dumpster, High country politics! 

“Yeti” and I with the Lil

Creeks namesake… Aspen that was my original logo for “At fallen leaf creek”.

A great morning of fishing on Silver & the Lil sporting her new life jacket.

Random kids on the dock, they were so cute!

The great news, I’ll be selling my jewelry and “Wild peas” fabric bags at Fern creek lodge this next season.  It’s a place I worked for a summer as a teen.  I hear the remaking of “It’s a beautiful life” will be filmed right in the Lodge, oh joy!

The not so great news, we returned to find that every single seedling of Arugula, Radish, Beet, Spinach, Broccoli, and Carrot was gone.  The birds or bugs got to them so I won’t be planting foods of such down on the lower half of the property.  Before leaving I planted and over abundance of watermelon and cucumbers which are ready to be transplanted and will fill the spaces of my twice planted salad selection.  Darnit anyway!

I’ll be adding more pictures to this posting as I find the time to edit and upload.

More to come so please, check back this week!


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