Ode to Uncle George

“Uncle George was a man of life, love an grace…  He left us suddenly for a better place”.

We had a loss last evening, Uncle George had to be somewhere special, he had a date in a special place with Aunt Junie.  He was the most softest, kindest gentleman, a print master and a master at a game of Chess.  He lived in a historic Victorian home over looking the bay near San Francisco, the covered porch of his home was adorned with wicker furniture and surrounded with roses, lawn and fruit trees.  It could have been in a picture on a magazine cover.

I’ll never forget the time we visited and he gave me an old antique buffet cabinet that was sitting under a tarp in his yard.  It looked as if it were used as a gardening cabinet that was blackened with mold from the weather.  When I saw the rolled glass in the doors of this old buffet I smiled, there was a missing middle drawer and only imagined a square basket could fill that empty space. I looked at this cabinet and saw the beauty It beheld, I think only a handful of people could see what I saw in a pile of junk.

He’ll be missed ever so much…

Here’s a little something made in honor of Uncle George… flowers from our garden, a stand made from a Redwood tree we just cut down, rusty old bailing wire and burned out light bulbs.




See you at another time Uncle George!


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