Websites up

It’s been awhile, the fires are finally 100% contained, I’m grateful for the Firefighters who have endured the heat in addition to the thick smoke that’s lingered for over a month.


The website is back up, Yay!  Like a few, I don’t have a web design,developer etc.  It’s all me, and as I’ve told a many, I’m spread so thin I’m transparent.  I’m doing best in solitude for the time being, getting the creekhouse back in shape and getting the help that’s been long over due.  I’ll be adding pictures this week as time permits, for the time being I’m leaving with an image of the site.

Also, We’re going to be doing a Trunk show in downtown Chico this November/December at Grace Jr.   I’m looking so forward to being there once again.

More to come!


6 thoughts on “Websites up

  1. (please public this, the address I included was my store by mistake and I did not have this intention, but including my blog’s address since they asked an address.)

    hey Cindy, I am here just to have news about the fire and I am happy that everything is ok now.
    Best to you!

    • Hello fellow crafts woman! The fires are out but we’re in the midst of our fire season, keeping faith that nothing else sparks up. It’s a part of living in the dry mountains.

      Let’s hope for rain soon! =o)

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