Ordinary people

I shall not fight it, I am what I am…  “Ordinary” yet one who marches to her own drum.  

Seems to me there’s always an order to change things around here, maybe I should just stop resisting and just let it flow from the depths of my being.  Let’s face it, I’m stuck in a time that’s long gone but embellishing this life of mine with those timeless nuances just makes things a little interestingly warm.  

My mind constantly works overtime, from photography to graphics, woodwork,gardening and baking to everything else including jewelry, I can’t stifle what makes me who I am.  Currently I’m working on anchoring a brand that fits my jewelry, that one thing that fits the bill. Let’s hope you can just sit back and watch the changes taking place, some fast and some unbearably slow. Consider it an “E” ticket ride.  I’m headed somewhere but I can’t seem to find the right road map so I’m searching this journey blindly on my own.  

As I grow away from the “Non ordinary folks, I’ll be searching for comfort in those whom I blanket my life with, the true blue people that happend to be from that same “Ordinary” piece of wood.

I love this dirt I stand upon, the simple life and especially the interesting people in it.  While antiquing last week, I ran into an elderly gentleman who appeared to be a mountain man, an appalation type hippie in his day, he sat behind the antique store sporting a straw hat, a long white beard, adorned with wire wrapped crystals around his neck, Keene sandals and a mountain Dulcimer that layed across his lap. He played it as it were second nature. He’s a Monroe storyteller,  I was captivated.  I approached him asking about this seductive piece of acoustic instrument. I told him my Great Uncle was a Mandolin master, he asked “Who was your Uncle”?  I said “Oh, you wouldn’t know him, he lived in Texas” he said “Well, who was he”?  I said, “Attebery”, he said “Al Attebery”?  I stood in awe, my mouth to the ground.  Who would have thought that someone here on the west coast in an antique store would have known about my late Great Uncle Al?

At that moment I decided that I will learn the Dulcimer from this grand old hippie who calls himself Jeff.

{My life has been enriched today}

I’m grateful for the bad that accompanies the good, it’s why I do what I do and makes me appreciate life!

Yours Truly,




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