Sunshine, crunchy leaves and Mountain music!

Honestly, today is the first promise that the California heat is leaving for while, perhaps months.  The leaves from my favored shade tree have dried and  fallen, they’ll return in just 5 more months. 

My mind will always have a sunny spring place, it’s not just sunny in Philadelphia, it’s sunny here too!

“Soul of a flower”

They really do have soul, they’re presented in birth, in death, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and celebrations of many. When my brother passed, it was at that time I realized that flowers were comforting, they had blessed us with their beauty at a low time in our lives.  At that time, I had stamped everything I made with “Soul of a flower”, it was something I needed and wanted to do to make myself feel better.  It was a tribute to my brother.  Flowers will always be apart of creek jewelry design.

“The wild blossom” She’s off  to the editor of “Folk” for a possible photo shoot for this years holiday gift guide.

I’ve always loved music, It’s another avenue of self expression.  I’m  thoroughly enjoying learning the  Mountain dulcimer!


ps; Another artist who is very special to me shared this quote that she heard from another well known artist, well said my friend, well said, Thank you! 

“It’s better to be copied than be the one who’s copying”  

I like that!