Newness at the creek

I’m just not believing it’s almost December, where has time gone?  Silence has been golden at the creek house, the little tornado named “Lily” has disturbed the peace!  I’m raising an 8 month old, not sure I have the energy to keep up anymore.  This little red girl has come a long way since she was 8 weeks old and now has become an adolescent and pushes her luck quite often. 

It’s the norm around here to see me chasing Lil down the hall or in the shop for that precious piece of leather I need for a bracelet, fishing a bead out of her mouth as if she were a child or thinking she found/conquered my stash of twigs for casting jewelry as if were her own.


Therefore I’m exhausted…

There’s plenty of newness making way, Several new items will be available on Monday November 19th and going forward.

If you’re in the Chico area, please stop by Grace Jr.s in downtown Chico for her holiday Trunk show.  I’ll be there with the new jewelry so stop in and say hi, I’d love meet you.







Stay tuned for more…



3 thoughts on “Newness at the creek

  1. I can just see you chasing that gorgeous girl… : )
    Yes, December is around the corner!!! I hope that it is a most blessed one for you and family. Love the new pieces…Alas I won’t be in Chico area …sending you love.

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