Welcome back Dana Jane!

The Creek house has been blessed with the presence of Dana Jane once again.   Not only will we have Dana Jane but Mikaela & Brandy are at it as well.  I couldn’t do it without them.

Change seems to have been taking place for a long while, it’s finally showing it’s face around here!

January didn’t start off well, we lost another loved one which obviously set me back a while but I’m here and excited to share a couple of new pieces this week.

During this month of rememberance not only for our recent loss but our past loves who have embossed January as deep thought and growth.

“Brothers, Simes & Nee Nee”

We grow stronger each day with the grace of your love that inspires deeper roots from within this short time together.

One piece at a time, we create beauty from a burning desire to be set free.  Personal amulets shared from “Woman to Woman” with love.

Lovers Red


Delicate long and domesticated, designed for that favorite pair of faded jeans or a special dress. Long rings made of hand pulled sterling silver wire are enhanced by a trio of faceted garnets sway perfectly as they entice the curious onlooker.

Feminine, Rustic, Organic

Drop 2″



Benita’s song


Stories of times past, Benita’s past song. A lifetime journey of strength, growth, love and freedom.

Benita’s songs of living

Disc 1.5″



The Creek house has been getting a little work done, it’s been five years since she’s been built, a little wear and tear from the weather therefore a little touch ups for this spring.  This winter’s abundant record rainfall damaged the vining roses and other beloved color surrounding the shop. You know what I’ll be doing this springtime, planting new flower beds and shrubbery. The Cecile Brunners were split like dry oak from the heavy rains, I hope the repair worked and those lovely vines share their fragrant roses once again.

We decided the tile counters needed to go, the new beefy wood Workbench has already warmed the studio. The wintery chill created an icebox affect which was challenging to work in.  The dampness from the creeks winter water flow penetrated the studio.  Looks like I’ll be on the hunt for some knee high shearlings pronto!


Creek jewelry will only be sold locally to Grace Jr. located in Chico, California & Nest of Paradise.  If there’s something you’ve seen here or on facebook but isn’t available on the website, please let me know and we’ll try our best to send that item to those two stores.

Cottage girls of Carmichael is the place to find unique one of a kind pieces.

Thank you for loving Creek wares, it is you who also bring inspiration to our world of creating.


Lovers Red

Happy New Year!

Here’s to new beginnings, new friends, new ideas and the desire to better oneself.  It seems I’ve stepped out of that black and white vision and found there really is a rainbow of color!   There’s a blanket of red on the work bench, red leather, red beads, red fabric, could this be the kick off to a lovers dream?   To me, there’s nothing more awesome then Red mixed with turquoise, gold, bronze… Keep close, Lovers Red will show her splendor.