It’s been a long time coming!

Wow, wow & WOW! What a ride this past couple of years have been. There always seems to be a series of events, no joke and I’ve even heard people say “Only you Cindy, Only you”.  Well this I say is true, if it’s gonna happen, my name is all over it and embossed to make it official. 

I went from being overwhelmed with orders to losing every single help source that kept me a float to barely making it.  Then we seemed to have a few events of losing loved ones, and so much more that I can’t write about it or the parties involved would surely disown me.  Trust me, it has been a heck of a haul.  

This last ordeal, EoE. [Eosinophilic Esophagitis].  I never heard of such a thing but it’s real and it can wreak havoc if it’s not kept in check.  EoE is an allergy to food, good food.  After a few hospital visits we finally have an answer to why I’ve been feeling bad these recent years. First thought, chemical exposure since I work with so many chemicals there must be a connection.  It appears my physical self is fighting 24/7.  I can’t get myself together some days, and other days I’m on top of my stuff! The key is to refrain from the offending foods which are mainly healthy stuff and I for one eat clean. I’ve had  Issues focusing, breathing, general sickness but with no reason. I really thought I was dying a few years ago and with all of this non-sense, I could only hope that a single person out there could resonate with my current dealings.

I’m trying to take this on using photography and art as my remedy, self medicated me! I originally wanted to use this page for my website but I think I need to journal the daily’s of my happenings..

Currently I’m sketching for t-shirts and cards that have been on the back burner for years, I finally tackled some unfinished projects that honestly feel so good to get touched.

This is a standard antler I’m using for tee’s.  Feathers and flowers are coming I go, some are complete but not to be shared just yet. 

Feathers and rocks –  I have a collection of rocks from people or findings of abandoned rocks from places I’ve been. I don’t just pick up a rock, it has to appear to be abandoned and alone.

The feathers are gifts from the sky, I have a growing collection so sketching feathers is another release for me. 

medfeather rockart2print


My cousin has a printing company in the southland, he’s sending samples soon, and when I get the go ahead they’ll be ready to sell.

Hooray to Ryan!  

image2-2 IMG_6533


It’s what I need to do, I have an escape through the lens. There’s no looking behind me, only forward.  It’s a beast that’s yet to be tamed and I have every intent to do so.  The places that I’ve been to are places to be shared with others.  Not everyone has the opportunity to experience such beauty and with camera’s in hand I will share away!


A wooded glen in the eastern Sierra, a place that I find solace. This grove was recently clear cut, I managed to capture  some of the tree’s before they were taken. 

I spend a lot of my free time in the Sierra, I’m inspired to be a better human being when I leave there.  Not that I’m already working on making a difference, it’s just a new charge to my battery. 


Carson Peak is one of the most majestic rocks east of Yosemite, as the crow flies it’s approximately 26 miles from half dome.  One day I’ll back pack from Silver Lake into Yosemite, soon I hope.

So I’m off for now, looking for words and an abundance of  goodness to share…


2 thoughts on “It’s been a long time coming!

    • Haaa! I didn’t think anyone read this! I’m in need of release! Thank you so much Mona, I have a lot to be shared, I just can’t find the words to get it out so people can truly understand where I’m coming from. Humble pie, I have had a lot of it! Sending so much Love to the southland XXOO!

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