If I could just stop

If it seems that I’ve been elusive on the jewelry front, you’re on point with that thought.  I’ve been keeping to myself while trying to figure out what path works best.  I’m putting most of my energy into photography, this is what truly makes me happy. 

While I restructure the jewelry that I have put 10+ years into and find something that is truly unique to my style, I’m jumping into landscapes and creating artful feminine photography.

Wish me luck…



IMG_7396 IMG_7411 IMG_7415 IMG_7443 IMG_7460


2 thoughts on “If I could just stop

  1. So far everything I’ve seen you do creatively is beautiful! Maybe you are aware of Bella Grace stampington magazine I see they are seeking submissions from writers and photographers to be published
    Keep doing what you love, I need to take my own advice ;0) Wishing you all the best!

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