If I could just stop

If it seems that I’ve been elusive on the jewelry front, you’re on point with that thought.  I’ve been keeping to myself while trying to figure out what path works best.  I’m putting most of my energy into photography, this is what truly makes me happy. 

While I restructure the jewelry that I have put 10+ years into and find something that is truly unique to my style, I’m jumping into landscapes and creating artful feminine photography.

Wish me luck…



IMG_7396 IMG_7411 IMG_7415 IMG_7443 IMG_7460


It’s been a long time coming!

Wow, wow & WOW! What a ride this past couple of years have been. There always seems to be a series of events, no joke and I’ve even heard people say “Only you Cindy, Only you”.  Well this I say is true, if it’s gonna happen, my name is all over it and embossed to make it official. 

I went from being overwhelmed with orders to losing every single help source that kept me a float to barely making it.  Then we seemed to have a few events of losing loved ones, and so much more that I can’t write about it or the parties involved would surely disown me.  Trust me, it has been a heck of a haul.  

This last ordeal, EoE. [Eosinophilic Esophagitis].  I never heard of such a thing but it’s real and it can wreak havoc if it’s not kept in check.  EoE is an allergy to food, good food.  After a few hospital visits we finally have an answer to why I’ve been feeling bad these recent years. First thought, chemical exposure since I work with so many chemicals there must be a connection.  It appears my physical self is fighting 24/7.  I can’t get myself together some days, and other days I’m on top of my stuff! The key is to refrain from the offending foods which are mainly healthy stuff and I for one eat clean. I’ve had  Issues focusing, breathing, general sickness but with no reason. I really thought I was dying a few years ago and with all of this non-sense, I could only hope that a single person out there could resonate with my current dealings.

I’m trying to take this on using photography and art as my remedy, self medicated me! I originally wanted to use this page for my website but I think I need to journal the daily’s of my happenings..

Currently I’m sketching for t-shirts and cards that have been on the back burner for years, I finally tackled some unfinished projects that honestly feel so good to get touched.

This is a standard antler I’m using for tee’s.  Feathers and flowers are coming I go, some are complete but not to be shared just yet. 

Feathers and rocks –  I have a collection of rocks from people or findings of abandoned rocks from places I’ve been. I don’t just pick up a rock, it has to appear to be abandoned and alone.

The feathers are gifts from the sky, I have a growing collection so sketching feathers is another release for me. 

medfeather rockart2print


My cousin has a printing company in the southland, he’s sending samples soon, and when I get the go ahead they’ll be ready to sell.

Hooray to Ryan!  

image2-2 IMG_6533


It’s what I need to do, I have an escape through the lens. There’s no looking behind me, only forward.  It’s a beast that’s yet to be tamed and I have every intent to do so.  The places that I’ve been to are places to be shared with others.  Not everyone has the opportunity to experience such beauty and with camera’s in hand I will share away!


A wooded glen in the eastern Sierra, a place that I find solace. This grove was recently clear cut, I managed to capture  some of the tree’s before they were taken. 

I spend a lot of my free time in the Sierra, I’m inspired to be a better human being when I leave there.  Not that I’m already working on making a difference, it’s just a new charge to my battery. 


Carson Peak is one of the most majestic rocks east of Yosemite, as the crow flies it’s approximately 26 miles from half dome.  One day I’ll back pack from Silver Lake into Yosemite, soon I hope.

So I’m off for now, looking for words and an abundance of  goodness to share…

Lovers Red

Happy New Year!

Here’s to new beginnings, new friends, new ideas and the desire to better oneself.  It seems I’ve stepped out of that black and white vision and found there really is a rainbow of color!   There’s a blanket of red on the work bench, red leather, red beads, red fabric, could this be the kick off to a lovers dream?   To me, there’s nothing more awesome then Red mixed with turquoise, gold, bronze… Keep close, Lovers Red will show her splendor.







In a time of chaos, there is peace.

In the midst of chaos, I’m missioned to find at least one positive thing lost in a world of what seems to me, “Gone mad”.  

The little angels who were beckoned last Friday in Connecticut are an example of the chaos I speak of.

My heart aches for the families.

Has life always been this crazy or am I just now waking up? If in truth it is the latter, then I will say I was in a rather deep somber my entire life.  

Being a sensitive human being, I have the curse (or blessing) of wearing anothers shoes.  I’ve felt others pain, perhaps it’s knowing my own pain therefore we share common ground.  

I care.

Overstimulation has stifled as such, but learning to block out the noise and wear my own shoes for a while is a lesson of comforting oneself. I’ve hidden out in my safe haven for a long time but it’s time to come out.

I’m going to be the change.

The flow of creative energy is approaching her cycle once again.  

In 5 weeks, I will be 5 years in healing.  I could say I’ve been waking up for approximately 1785 days.  In this time I have blossomed and I have failed immensely but have picked myself up and continue to start over and thinking to myself I’m recreating a new wheel of life.  Everything is in circles… cycles… blah blah blah.  I guess that’s good as it repeats itself and never ends.  If everything were in a straight line, then there would be

a beginning and an end.

I miss my brother very much, it’s hard to believe it’s been 1795 days since we were together.

He was a funny guy, I miss him every single day.

This is a new cycle and with perseverance, it’s going to be a meaningful one.  

So letting the good escape from my worn hands, my soft heart and wide open mind, I share with you pieces of thoughts, feelings, experiences through my craft, things that are inspired by love, kindness and life. 

December 1st we had a trunk show at Grace Jr. in downtown Chico. It was beautiful meeting the wonderful women who wear Creek jewelry. 

You are the reason why I do what I do and I love knowing that we are from the same cloth. 

I smile for you.

Thank you for following me, your feedback and telling me I need to blog more.

 I will try!












Newness at the creek

I’m just not believing it’s almost December, where has time gone?  Silence has been golden at the creek house, the little tornado named “Lily” has disturbed the peace!  I’m raising an 8 month old, not sure I have the energy to keep up anymore.  This little red girl has come a long way since she was 8 weeks old and now has become an adolescent and pushes her luck quite often. 

It’s the norm around here to see me chasing Lil down the hall or in the shop for that precious piece of leather I need for a bracelet, fishing a bead out of her mouth as if she were a child or thinking she found/conquered my stash of twigs for casting jewelry as if were her own.


Therefore I’m exhausted…

There’s plenty of newness making way, Several new items will be available on Monday November 19th and going forward.  


If you’re in the Chico area, please stop by Grace Jr.s in downtown Chico for her holiday Trunk show.  I’ll be there with the new jewelry so stop in and say hi, I’d love meet you.







Stay tuned for more…


Ordinary people

I shall not fight it, I am what I am…  “Ordinary” yet one who marches to her own drum.  

Seems to me there’s always an order to change things around here, maybe I should just stop resisting and just let it flow from the depths of my being.  Let’s face it, I’m stuck in a time that’s long gone but embellishing this life of mine with those timeless nuances just makes things a little interestingly warm.  

My mind constantly works overtime, from photography to graphics, woodwork,gardening and baking to everything else including jewelry, I can’t stifle what makes me who I am.  Currently I’m working on anchoring a brand that fits my jewelry, that one thing that fits the bill. Let’s hope you can just sit back and watch the changes taking place, some fast and some unbearably slow. Consider it an “E” ticket ride.  I’m headed somewhere but I can’t seem to find the right road map so I’m searching this journey blindly on my own.  

As I grow away from the “Non ordinary folks, I’ll be searching for comfort in those whom I blanket my life with, the true blue people that happend to be from that same “Ordinary” piece of wood.

I love this dirt I stand upon, the simple life and especially the interesting people in it.  While antiquing last week, I ran into an elderly gentleman who appeared to be a mountain man, an appalation type hippie in his day, he sat behind the antique store sporting a straw hat, a long white beard, adorned with wire wrapped crystals around his neck, Keene sandals and a mountain Dulcimer that layed across his lap. He played it as it were second nature. He’s a Monroe storyteller,  I was captivated.  I approached him asking about this seductive piece of acoustic instrument. I told him my Great Uncle was a Mandolin master, he asked “Who was your Uncle”?  I said “Oh, you wouldn’t know him, he lived in Texas” he said “Well, who was he”?  I said, “Attebery”, he said “Al Attebery”?  I stood in awe, my mouth to the ground.  Who would have thought that someone here on the west coast in an antique store would have known about my late Great Uncle Al?

At that moment I decided that I will learn the Dulcimer from this grand old hippie who calls himself Jeff.

{My life has been enriched today}

I’m grateful for the bad that accompanies the good, it’s why I do what I do and makes me appreciate life!

Yours Truly,