In a time of chaos, there is peace.

In the midst of chaos, I’m missioned to find at least one positive thing lost in a world of what seems to me, “Gone mad”.  

The little angels who were beckoned last Friday in Connecticut are an example of the chaos I speak of.

My heart aches for the families.

Has life always been this crazy or am I just now waking up? If in truth it is the latter, then I will say I was in a rather deep somber my entire life.  

Being a sensitive human being, I have the curse (or blessing) of wearing anothers shoes.  I’ve felt others pain, perhaps it’s knowing my own pain therefore we share common ground.  

I care.

Overstimulation has stifled as such, but learning to block out the noise and wear my own shoes for a while is a lesson of comforting oneself. I’ve hidden out in my safe haven for a long time but it’s time to come out.

I’m going to be the change.

The flow of creative energy is approaching her cycle once again.  

In 5 weeks, I will be 5 years in healing.  I could say I’ve been waking up for approximately 1785 days.  In this time I have blossomed and I have failed immensely but have picked myself up and continue to start over and thinking to myself I’m recreating a new wheel of life.  Everything is in circles… cycles… blah blah blah.  I guess that’s good as it repeats itself and never ends.  If everything were in a straight line, then there would be

a beginning and an end.

I miss my brother very much, it’s hard to believe it’s been 1795 days since we were together.

He was a funny guy, I miss him every single day.

This is a new cycle and with perseverance, it’s going to be a meaningful one.  

So letting the good escape from my worn hands, my soft heart and wide open mind, I share with you pieces of thoughts, feelings, experiences through my craft, things that are inspired by love, kindness and life. 

December 1st we had a trunk show at Grace Jr. in downtown Chico. It was beautiful meeting the wonderful women who wear Creek jewelry. 

You are the reason why I do what I do and I love knowing that we are from the same cloth. 

I smile for you.

Thank you for following me, your feedback and telling me I need to blog more.

 I will try!













Newness at the creek

I’m just not believing it’s almost December, where has time gone?  Silence has been golden at the creek house, the little tornado named “Lily” has disturbed the peace!  I’m raising an 8 month old, not sure I have the energy to keep up anymore.  This little red girl has come a long way since she was 8 weeks old and now has become an adolescent and pushes her luck quite often. 

It’s the norm around here to see me chasing Lil down the hall or in the shop for that precious piece of leather I need for a bracelet, fishing a bead out of her mouth as if she were a child or thinking she found/conquered my stash of twigs for casting jewelry as if were her own.


Therefore I’m exhausted…

There’s plenty of newness making way, Several new items will be available on Monday November 19th and going forward.

If you’re in the Chico area, please stop by Grace Jr.s in downtown Chico for her holiday Trunk show.  I’ll be there with the new jewelry so stop in and say hi, I’d love meet you.







Stay tuned for more…


Sunshine, crunchy leaves and Mountain music!

Honestly, today is the first promise that the California heat is leaving for while, perhaps months.  The leaves from my favored shade tree have dried and  fallen, they’ll return in just 5 more months. 

My mind will always have a sunny spring place, it’s not just sunny in Philadelphia, it’s sunny here too!

“Soul of a flower”

They really do have soul, they’re presented in birth, in death, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and celebrations of many. When my brother passed, it was at that time I realized that flowers were comforting, they had blessed us with their beauty at a low time in our lives.  At that time, I had stamped everything I made with “Soul of a flower”, it was something I needed and wanted to do to make myself feel better.  It was a tribute to my brother.  Flowers will always be apart of creek jewelry design.

“The wild blossom” She’s off  to the editor of “Folk” for a possible photo shoot for this years holiday gift guide.

I’ve always loved music, It’s another avenue of self expression.  I’m  thoroughly enjoying learning the  Mountain dulcimer!


ps; Another artist who is very special to me shared this quote that she heard from another well known artist, well said my friend, well said, Thank you! 

“It’s better to be copied than be the one who’s copying”  

I like that!

Ordinary people

I shall not fight it, I am what I am…  “Ordinary” yet one who marches to her own drum.  

Seems to me there’s always an order to change things around here, maybe I should just stop resisting and just let it flow from the depths of my being.  Let’s face it, I’m stuck in a time that’s long gone but embellishing this life of mine with those timeless nuances just makes things a little interestingly warm.  

My mind constantly works overtime, from photography to graphics, woodwork,gardening and baking to everything else including jewelry, I can’t stifle what makes me who I am.  Currently I’m working on anchoring a brand that fits my jewelry, that one thing that fits the bill. Let’s hope you can just sit back and watch the changes taking place, some fast and some unbearably slow. Consider it an “E” ticket ride.  I’m headed somewhere but I can’t seem to find the right road map so I’m searching this journey blindly on my own.  

As I grow away from the “Non ordinary folks, I’ll be searching for comfort in those whom I blanket my life with, the true blue people that happend to be from that same “Ordinary” piece of wood.

I love this dirt I stand upon, the simple life and especially the interesting people in it.  While antiquing last week, I ran into an elderly gentleman who appeared to be a mountain man, an appalation type hippie in his day, he sat behind the antique store sporting a straw hat, a long white beard, adorned with wire wrapped crystals around his neck, Keene sandals and a mountain Dulcimer that layed across his lap. He played it as it were second nature. He’s a Monroe storyteller,  I was captivated.  I approached him asking about this seductive piece of acoustic instrument. I told him my Great Uncle was a Mandolin master, he asked “Who was your Uncle”?  I said “Oh, you wouldn’t know him, he lived in Texas” he said “Well, who was he”?  I said, “Attebery”, he said “Al Attebery”?  I stood in awe, my mouth to the ground.  Who would have thought that someone here on the west coast in an antique store would have known about my late Great Uncle Al?

At that moment I decided that I will learn the Dulcimer from this grand old hippie who calls himself Jeff.

{My life has been enriched today}

I’m grateful for the bad that accompanies the good, it’s why I do what I do and makes me appreciate life!

Yours Truly,



Websites up

It’s been awhile, the fires are finally 100% contained, I’m grateful for the Firefighters who have endured the heat in addition to the thick smoke that’s lingered for over a month.


The website is back up, Yay!  Like a few, I don’t have a web design,developer etc.  It’s all me, and as I’ve told a many, I’m spread so thin I’m transparent.  I’m doing best in solitude for the time being, getting the creekhouse back in shape and getting the help that’s been long over due.  I’ll be adding pictures this week as time permits, for the time being I’m leaving with an image of the site.

Also, We’re going to be doing a Trunk show in downtown Chico this November/December at Grace Jr.   I’m looking so forward to being there once again.

More to come!

Feeling like a fish out of water


We did have a few days of sunny skies until the breeze kicked in bringing with it smoke.  It’s been difficult breathing, especially in the mornings.  Thank goodness the temps are in the 90’s now.

Below are images from this morning’s view minus the last picture of the actual flames, that was taken by someone else who was at a local favorite place, Butt Lake.


A west view from the upper deck


A view from the house looking down on the Creek house, smoke filled air. It’s worse than it appears.


A view off of the upper deck


Butt Lake Reserv.

More soon….


There’s some chatter going on in our community that there’s a new fire started that’s even closer to home.  Being that we live in a heavily wooded area in combination with hight temps, low humidity, we’re basically headed for an unstable 2-3 months. The extreme dry northwinds start in September-October, not good in this territory.

SO, with this said… I may disappear for a bit at any given time during this type of situation. Please know that if I have time during an evacuation, I’ll grab as many hand tools that I possibly can to continue working on your jewels wherever I may land.

Leaving the hills and wishing I were living on an island somewhere fresh and cool.


Smoke filled air seems to be hindering the life of many in the north state, the dreaded wild fires are here… 

We haven’t heard the exact cause, possibly a hiker on the Pacific crest trail or folks on the trail headed to their illegal canabis grow. Whatever the cause, life has definitely changed for the wildlife in our back yard.  I’m sad for the forest that was lost and will continue to die as the fire continues to grow. The poor babes in the woods who will and are parishing, this hurts my heart tremendously.  The smoke will clear but the destruction in it’s path has only begun.  Yes, I know wildfires are good for new growth but the process is unsettling, especially living on the ridge.


101-110 temps are in the forecast for the next several days with low humidity, an explosive situation.  The thick smoke filled air in combination with this heat makes it hard to do anything, I labor even to water the back 40.  Unfortunately for me, I have no air conditioning in the creek house (my choice), only an exhaust fan for the fumes, all that it’s doing is drawing in more smoke, I’m having a very hard time making myself work.  I admire those who can work under these conditions.

104 temps with smoke filled air

“A raindance, is what we need”.

Here’s information on our “Chips” fire.  Scroll down and you’ll find a timelapse video that reveals a smoky beast.

I’ve got this paranoia when there’s a wild fire, not being able to breathe, the thought of not getting out of here in time causes undue stress.  When I was young, my Dad was a Fire Captain, perhaps the paranoia comes from the stories he shared with us as children.  


My sweets is celebrating his Birthday this month, we celebrated early with family and friends down by the creek.  The sultry evening, soft lighting and the sound of The Be Good Tanya’s playing softly in the background made for a sweet party.  Thank goodness the cool 70+ degree night temps with the southern breeze pushed the smoke back up into the canyon until morning.  

For this event, I built a 14 foot barn wood table with four benches.  Enough room to hold 14 people comfortably, the rest of the company chatted under the stars and lights while lounging in the comfy Adirondacks. 







Finally, we have produced!  After planting three times trying to figure out what to do to organically treat our garden from pests, we have good food.  By the third time of planting and losing my entire greens, The weather was too hot to replant them so a ton of cucumber took their place.  The peas only gave me enough for one meal, I’ll try again in another month.  There’s a lot to learn farming your own food. 




“A blast from the past”


A few simply stated pieces


I’m still trying to find a way to make my work life easier.  The growing pains and taking on too much for a person working solo. My helpers are grown up and have moved on to their life journey.  


Learning to say “NO” is the hardest word for me, I want to make everyone smile and tend make promises that are hard to keep.  The people who have been patient and understanding are the people I work for, the ones who have supported me from the begining of my jewelry career.  

Creek jewelry is a small time business, my livelyhood but small time.  I don’t massive produce just yet since the demand is for individual pieces only.  Most sales end up with a  message to resize or do something different, THAT is what slows me down, the pieces are already complete but the requested change goes into the “to do” box which I work as I fill them in the order recieved.  

The stores and galleries are also on the back end of the business, I have a lot of voices calling my name but quietly.  As I take a deep breath, I’m holding my head up I’m going forth with my goals and will work through whatever I have to in order to get in the right direction. I’m not where I’m supposed to be just yet.  

This is truly a dog eat dog world and I have to keep focused while marching to my own drum.  

Just know that I put nothing but passion into what I create, always. 

It’s all good!